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1 month ago
Andrea Hunter
(verified owner)

This product is strong and you will have pip! But the results are soooooo worth the pain and stacking with Test P, you will be a beast. Breaking backs in the bedroom, no mercy lol....

2 months ago
deangelo brooks
(verified owner)

Holy fuck this shit is amazing. Made me strong as shit off 500mcg just one day. Now my elbows are sore but damn this had me moving some serious weight on chest day. I repped the 170 dumbbells like butter on chest I could have done the 180s but I knew my elbows would be sore.

3 months ago

Just finished the vial. I was running a light recomp cycle and the tren was my finisher. And it definitely did the finishing touch, I look fucking great. I have never used tren that was this good before. SrX never lets me down